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1year baby photo frame

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Additional Details:

  • Decorative Element: At the bottom left of the board, there is a vibrant pink bouquet, adding a decorative touch and enhancing the celebratory feel of the display.
  • Overall Theme: The board beautifully encapsulates the essence of a baby’s first year, with each photo capturing unique and precious moments of growth, development, and milestones.

This photo board is not only a lovely way to document the baby’s first year but also serves as a sentimental keepsake that parents can cherish for years to come.

Design and Layout:

  • size: 12*18 inch
  • Material – MDF + Acrylic + glossy Laminated photos
  • Shape and Title: The board is designed with an arch at the top, giving it a soft, elegant appearance. The title “My First Year” is prominently displayed in stylish black cursive letters, making it the focal point.
  • Sections and Organization: The board is divided into twelve distinct sections, each representing one month from the baby’s first year. The sections are arranged in three rows and four columns, creating a neat and organized layout.
  • Labels: Each section is clearly labeled with the corresponding month written in a whimsical, handwritten-style font.

    Monthly Photos:

    1. Month One (One): Features a baby in an orange outfit lying comfortably, capturing the newborn stage.
    2. Month Two (Two): Showcases a baby in a blue dress lying down with the number “2” creatively made from a textured material, indicating growth and new developments.
    3. Month Three (Three): Displays a baby in a red top and blue shorts lying down with the number “3” formed by a gold chain, highlighting the third month.
    4. Month Four (Four): A baby in a white diaper lying on their back, portraying a relaxed and content infant at four months.
    5. Month Five (Five): Depicts a baby in a white outfit, looking up and slightly sideways, showing more alertness and curiosity.
    6. Month Six (Six): Features a smiling baby in a white outfit and hat, sitting up, marking the halfway point of the first year.
    7. Month Seven (Seven): A baby in a hat and orange shirt, lying down with the number “7” formed by toys, indicating playful milestones.
    8. Month Eight (Eight): Captures a baby sitting in a stroller, showing increased mobility and exploration.
    9. Month Nine (Nine): Shows a baby sitting on a green carpet, reflecting more stability and interaction.
    10. Month Ten (Ten): A baby sitting on the floor, holding a colorful yellow and red ball, signifying growing motor skills.
    11. Month Eleven (Eleven): Features a baby sitting in a playground, demonstrating social and physical development.
    12. Month Twelve (Twelve): Depicts a baby standing outdoors near a railing, marking the end of the first year with increased independence and curiosity.




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1year baby photo frame
Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹700.00.